Our Customers

Our Customers

We have been offering great services to the largest and most respectful construction and real estate development companies both in Turkey and abroad as their most reliable business partner for 67 years. As a preferred solution partner, we embark the same boat and sail to all the ports together.

Our customers are the real source of the power that has brought us to this superior position we are in today. Thanks to their trust on us, we continuously adopt ourselves to the changing conditions to put into practice the dream projects in unimagined geographies. We enjoy doing this business we love and are proud of the consequences thereof.



Gardensa have been our business partner for about 30 years in many beautiful and significant projects. We wish to work with them in many other projects since they are capable of meeting the expectations of the employers at the highest level in our joint projects based on their experience of years and creativity in the field of landscape design…

Didem Kaya

Associate Director | Buildings BSc CEng | MSc Struct



To Gardensa, my biggest supporter in the field of landscaping;

I have carried out many projects, for which I have served as an architect, together with Gardensa since 2001 in many countries with climates different from one another such as Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Turkey. I have felt a great comfort of receiving services at the highest level from Gardensa in respect of the creation of landscape concept and carrying out the implementation projects; searching, purchasing and transporting the best plants from Italia, Turkey, Spain and other countries and the implementation thereof without any problem at all and even providing continuous landscape maintenance after the completion of the project.

I would like to thank and express my gratitude, in particular, to Disperati Family and all the employees of Gardensa for their expertness in respect of protecting the sensitive balance between the dreams of architects and the requirements of the employers and for providing me with their great services at international levels in the field of landscape architecture.

Dr. Architect Selim Dalaman
Vizzion Europe



Gardensa has successfully carried out the landscape design and implementetion offering great consultancy services for the Ertuğrul, İstanbul and Anatolian Islands in Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden.

A. Nihat Gökyiğit
Founder of Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden and
Founder of ANG Foundation



We are happy to have worked with Gardensa, a long-established and well-equipped company in the landscape sector in Turkey with a great experience of more than 67 years. Gardensa has successfully completed our landscape projects working self-sacrificingly and resolutely under very harsh field conditions.

On behalf of myself and the employer that I represent, I would like to thank Project Manager Mr. Ömer Disperati and the Gardensa Family for having an opportunity to work with Riccardo Disperati and this great team consisting of both the family members and professionals that are the students of his school.

Ozan Kılıç
Kaplankaya Peyzaj General Manager
Capital Partners Development Manager